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February 2006

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Lord Voldemort

Clicked over the link of Book += AddNewClickHandler("

The Business of Software : What Every Manager, Programmer, and Entrepreneur Must Know to Thrive and Survive in Good Times and Bad (Hardcover)");

void Link_Click(object sender, eventargs e)
Response.Write("I am not one, but a to be sure for, lets read something else, which talks about programming only");

Do you know some book over how to manage "Time", i mean we all have 24 hr.s at our stake, how come one can take most out of it, An art indeed, isn't it.

So, The Question Poses like Tiger, and asks to all of us "Do you have TIME, to do this thing".

K, then back to work.

All in all, keep posting, the list of books to be bought "When i'll become a BOSS, is getting Longer"

Lord Voldemort

one last thing, do you know a good book store in delhi, INDIA region, from where we can buy such books.


Every project is a product to someone, how do we see this coming true??

Tarun Anand

The approaches are different. As my next posts explain. Projects are about enabling a business process, something very specific. You may not be able to use it across many customers. However, if you can extract the essence away and make something relevant to more than 1 customer, then you have a product at hand.


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