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February 2006

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Lord Voldemort

Thanks a lot.

I'll take a print, and when next month i am out to buy my quota of books, i'll roam on all these places.

My dad, and myself are too much into books,, but we were used to buy from Chandni Chowk (Nai Sarak) only, or sometimes eco. books from a CP shop (That i never visited, coz i just don't like eco. while my dad is an economist).

Account Deleted

I got to your blog sometime ago while looking for bookstores in Delhi. Since family and I moved from US we had been looking for books. Somedays ago a colleague at work told me about a website that rents books and we have joined.It is very convinient because they deliver adn pickup also. I think you should add to your list to help people who are looking for books to read.


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