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February 2006

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Lord Voldemort


I would also like to share an indian experience of invention of new recepies.
Eat this (Mr. Saiyyan Ji, was a LALA (The Person who is businessman from religion (hindus do have this kind of religion also called "Vaisya" for moe about HINDU Dharma (, belong to GHAZIABAD)
He decided to open a small time pass shop to cater the whole GZB. market by providing cheap and good food (Kachauri's, Raita, Alloo ki sabzi Pure Veg. North indian Food).
The shop is there since 50 yrs. i guess, or more, and is the most popular between college students / GZB. MArket LALA community, one can give a party of Siayyan Ji's Food, to 6 friends and settle the Party scores just for Rs. 100 /-

Can't believe it!!!!

Aloo ki sabzi is free of cost!!!, And i am sure he makes the best one in this part of world.

The small shop is yet small and is situated in Maliwara Market, Gzb.

Ummmmmm, after this post i m feeling starving again...

Cheers, And Regards,


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