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People want to have the *illusion* of doing something locally. Which is why AJAX is so cool now.
Take a look at Zimbra ( that is what was the missing key,the UI.

Tarun Anand

Sandeep the point about the UI providing an illusion of local computing is quite correct. What I am trying to add here is that you may not get some of the purported benefits of thin clients, such as a single unified view of the customer data.

AJAX is quite cool precisely because people like local computing. Most of the arguments that I hear go like this
"Well feature X causes a problem Y, so let us take away feature X". I think people are saying they want feature X and not the problem Y. They want to have their cake and eat it too. In this example X is the local storage.

I believe that a hybrid solution is going to be the best approach. One would want to keep data that is to be accessed universally on the server and the rest locally. Same goes for computing, do what is best locally and the rest on the server.


From the page:

"Hosted Demo is Being Updated

Sorry for the inconvenience, but our Hosted Demo is temporarily being updated."

:-) I guess that speaks volumes on why network computing is still a pipe-dream.

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