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February 2006

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Aayush Puri

Now I would be even more glued to your blog! A thanks in advance from my side.


Your experiences shall be beneficial to the budding developer community .... do keep spreading your knowledge

PS - When can I take a look at the Windows NT code ? :-)

Mir Nazim

Hey Tarun,
It will be great to know about your experiences in programming. Experience are great things to share(for you) and learn from(for us) and fun also. But please please and please keep the talk limited to experiences(yours and others arround you) only. Do not go into creating yet another reference manual about how softwares should be built. That way it will get really boring.

By the way Steve McConnel has done a real cool job on creating a treatise on code construction by giving us Code Complete.


Cool stuff.. waiting to read more.


It's good to see that we'll be rowing in the river of Engg. Excellence, Lets start the expedition soon, although i am a novice, but i would love to share whatever!!!!!.

Every aspect that you have chosen to discuss is like a great lesson itself.
If Possible, we would love to have small video clips by you over these topics.


Hi Tarun,
Its greate to read u r experince and knowledge .Its really beneficial to me as software developer.Keep writting.
Good Luck!!

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