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Does BLINK also talks about, the way earth has got one of its biggest inventors (From Newton to Einstein, Bulb Waley (T.A Edison) included).

Just have a look at the lives of all of them, the start up, The Mere acts of foolishness, And a sudden invention, thoughtfull ness, and then a row of them, look at the way they waited for something to happen.

Yeah, one more range of such people , THE Authors / The Poets.. From Milton to Nagarjun, Each one giving up a hell lot of time again to the lives, doing NOTHING at all for living a good life.
And now you can read the BLIND poet (Milton) as one of the best poets earth has ever had, this Blind man can narrate the beautiful spring season, much-2 better then an OCTOPUS eyed guy.

By all this I mean Each one has some qualities, and these qualities can be explored by time only, keep looking at yourself and you'll really find one someday.
I Look at myself, and i can see that, May be I'll write a much better book then HARRY Potter.

three cheers for the upcoming new
Mr. RichAuthor Rowling (Rollllling ....).

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