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February 2006

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Sanjay Vyas

A software company in Bangalore actually makes sure that their devs dont get too much of domain knowledge or become expert on a particular platform lest they switch jobs. As soon as they start becoming good in one platform (say Java), they will be shifted to another platform (.NET). We are creating syntax factory workers. But devs are to be blamed too. People switch jobs every 12-18 months for incremental pay rise of 1000-1500. Today switching IT jobs quickly is a guarantee to go from 12,000 to 25,000 in few years. I am not opposed to the pay rise, but this ia all being done at cost of acquiring skill and relevant knowledge.


Our education system, politicians and business is built on only one mantra. Let someone do all the ground work and take the risk.As a "smart" indian, you just go and get a job in that company. Why the so called IT giants like Wipro,TCS and Infosys never invest on creating a new product like Nokia phone or a Play station?. They just want BPO from USA, which is nothing but a Cybercoolie business!.

Kirk Herzog


I Need a Add on that will use information in a access 2003 to populate a Calendar form or program that information can be displayed in and if information is changed will update the information in access.

This will need to be used for many users to View and be able to change data.

Something like Microsoft map point would be a good format

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