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February 2006

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Mir Nazim

Very true to every single word.
But the problems is very few care.

Shhhh! A little secret. Even I ignore them sometimes.

Tarun Anand

I do believe that very few people care. And that is precisely my (and Rob's) point. I feel that more people should care.

When I started reading the code that Dave Cutler wrote for NT in mid 90s I felt as if I had chanced upon a piece of art. It was so beautifully written and documented that I did not feel like adding a single line of code to it till I had carefully imitated his style.


Such posts can be really useful… not only for working professionals… but for beginners like me…. It would be nice if you document more things about the art of coding, upcoming technologies etc… it would be a great learning experience… and yes I too agree with the statement that code should be well documented so that other programmers can find it easy to understand…. Looking forward to more posts from you sir……

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