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Tarun Anand
Tarun has been an avid technology enthusiast for the last 15 years. He
completed his B. Tech in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur, and Masters
in Computer Science from University of Texas at Austin.

Tarun worked for Microsoft Corporation, Redmond and Microsoft India from 1995-2004.
During his tenure at Redmond, he was on the design and development
teams of several products like Windows NT, and 2000, DCOM, COM+, and
most recently the .NET Common Language Runtime. Tarun has several US
patents in the field of Distributed Computing Systems. At Microsoft
India, Tarun was closely involved with evangelizing Microsoft
technologies to startups and product/solution software vendors. He was
awarded the "Worldwide Software Architect of the Year, 2003" award for
his work at Microsoft.

He has recently left Microsoft to pursue his interests of building world class products in India.


Web 2.0, Mobility, Renewable Energy, Books, Music, India, Delhi